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Earth Energy Enterprise is a family owned internet based company specialising in renewable energy and special repair products. Earth Energy Enterprise is the sole distributor of Powerspout for Malaysia. Powerspout is a successful and innovative micro hydro turbine manufacturer from New Zealand.

We also offer the highly sought after Nustreem turbine from USA that suited for low head application. For water management, Earth Energy Enterprise carry Papa Pump from UK which is an award winning ramp pump.

Powerspout LH

Propeller Turbine suited for head up to 5m

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Powerspout TRG

Turgo Turbine suited for head up to 30 meter

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Powerspout PLT

Pelton turbine suited for head up to 130m

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Kaplan Turbine suited for low head from 6-40 feet and 75KW to 250KW

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Papa Pump

Moving water without electricity up to 400 feet or 123 meter.

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Twin Packs Offer

Twin packs are a stripped down version of our PowerSpout LH / TRG to give you a great $/W price. They are designed to ship two units in one 30kg DHL carton. The price listed is for two identical units. It Out Today!

Specifications for LH twin packs: Static head range: 1 to 5m (3 – 16 feet) Maximum flow/turbine: 32 l/s Minimum flow/turbine: 14 l/s Dimensions: Diameter 300mm x length 800 Maximum power: 800W Maximum current rating 10 amp LH-mini for use with approved MPPT charge controllers or GTI's only A twin pack order cannot be combined with any other goods on this site as there is no available space in the carton. Specifications: Head range: 2 to 30 (6.6 –100 feet) Maximum flow/turbine: 16 l/s (254 gpm) Minimum flow/turbine: 8 l/s (127 gpm) Dimensions: 430 x 410 x 350 mm (16.9 x 16.1 x 13.8 inches) Maximum power: 1200W Maximum current rating 32 amp Voltage Common version available are TRG 14/28/40/56/80/170/200/350. The number refers to the operating voltage, cable voltage or "MPPV". The runaway voltage off load or "Voc" can be as much as 3 x higher. So for example the TRG 200 will work well with a grid tied inverter at 200V but may produce voltage approaching 600V when the inverter is not drawing power from the turbine. Each TRG Twin Pack comes with: 4 male A200 camlock fittings/turbine (8 supplied in total) 4 jet inserts/turbine (8 supplied in total) Manual grease fitting as standard Rotor packing set kit included if we consider them likely to be required 1-year warranty Because of weight restrictions TRG Twin Packs (in comparison with our PowerSpout TRG) DO NOT come with: Valves Female Camlock fittings A mid-range oil filled pressure gauge 4 metal jet supports to prevent jet sag due to pipe weight 2m of 4mm² tinned PV wire for +/-/earth 2 x MC4 cable connectors 4 x Tek screw fixing kit 4 x spare jet inserts

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