The NuTURBINE is designed as a highly modular system component with the intention of delivery on a single skid with connection points. Our ambition is to provide a simple point-to-point connection guide for ease of installation, simplicity, and low cost. The NuTURBINE is fully operational as delivered, without any further mount or calibration. Adjustment is available; however, the initial settings are provided from the factory. Everything, including the generator, is mounted to the same turbine platform and can be dropped in place.

Nustreem offers a modular containerised low head hydro turbine solution.   from 75KW to 250KW,  from 6-40 feet head, and design flowrate of 85CFS. The kaplan turbine can provide high output over a wide range of flow and head.

We offer a standard mounting for a range of generator sizing and can, therefore, allow the user to select the generator. The modular turbine frame can accommodate generators from 75kW to 250kW in standard 404T to 449T frame sizes.